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Hi Carrie,

My swing arrived Friday and I couldn't be happier. It was a snap to assemble the 4 pieces as all of the pre-drilled holes aligned perfectly! For mounting, I chose some high-tension webbing draped over the beam as opposed to installing hardware into the beam. This will allow me to move the swing around my patio depending on the season, etc.

I also really like the style, design and the quality of the materials and craftsmanship. I specifically like the design feature of how the chain is connected to the swing (it is not "threaded" through a hole in the arm). Finally, I appreciate your prompt communication and answering my questions before and after I placed my order. My only dilemma now is what to order next (a garden bench?, a couple of chairs?, or maybe a 2' swing?).


Good Morning Carrie,
It is Barb from Pottstown, PA. We received our swing this past Wednesday; right on schedule. Our whole family loves it. It is very well built and out of all the swings we looked at, we definitely made the right choice. The color is beautiful and it is exactly what we were looking for.
Thank you so much for personally helping us order the swing.
Thank you again and we will be sure to spread the word about your wonderful business!
Warm Regards

Hi Carrie,
I absolutely love the porch swing! I live in a quaint sears kit bungalow therefore the swing compliments our dwelling and passerby's mention that it is aesthetically wonderful! I'm also only 5'2'' tall so the comfort of the design is also perfect! Please pass on to those that have had a part in designing and manufacturing the swing that their efforts are GREATLY APPRECIATED!
thank you, and have a joyous day,

I just wanted to let you know the benches arrived on Tues afternoon. One of our parents put them together yesterday and I went to see them last night. They are beautiful!! The man that assembled them does woodworking and is very particular and he was very impressed with the workmanship. Thank you so much for asking them to get them to us by our date and please let them know we appreciated all they did. I know our coaches will love them. Some of the parents, including myself, are considering ordering one for ourselves. Thanks again.

Thank you for your excellent service and product.  I have had a new porch added to my home - it was a very long time in coming.  Only the best of furniture would do for a porch I have dreamed about, saved for, and finally got after 24 years of home additions and improvements.

Sharon -

Dear Carrie of Amish Outdoor Furniture,

We are very happy to say our Heart Glider arrived and it was a breeze putting the glider together with just a couple hand tools. Here are a couple of pictures. The soon to be newly weds will have hours of fun and relaxation for years to come. Thank you for the rush on the glider to make sure we received just what we ordered.

Happy and pleased, Virginia- Florida


Our new bench is in place and looking great!

Gary and Mary - Wisconsin

Hi Carrie!!

Yes, I got the swing for my fiancee' who just recently bought a house and wanted a swing for Xmas. She absolutely LOVES it!! You shipping was incredibly quick too. Thank You and the people who helped make my baby happy... Merry Christmas folks

Dave - Missouri
Hi Carrie,

I received the beautiful porch swing Friday, just in time for my trip to
Arizona.  I had it assembled and hanging in no time.  I want to thank you for putting a rush on the delivery.  You said you'd do your best and you certainly came through for me.

You sell a great, high-quality product.  Thanks again for everything.


Dennis - California

We finally got the majority of our deck finished and thought I would share a couple of pictures with you.  Everyone remarks on the beautiful furniture which I think looks great with our choice of  cedar and wrought iron railing.  They seem to set each other off very well, don't you think?  We are very pleased and wanted to let you know.

Keith and Bobbi - Wisconsin

Just wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased with our new swing. Couldn't wait to show it off. It was everything I expected and more.  I'm headed to ebay to rate your company. Thanks for the great place to make new memories and laze around this summer.

Sandy - Texas

Hi Carrie,

The glider is a beautiful piece of porch furniture.  Assembly took us about an hour and a half, maybe a little longer, I really did not time it.  But it went together very well.  Everything fit perfectly and the instructions were very good.  We are very pleased and happy with our Amish Outdoor Furniture Glider.
Thank you,

Max - Texas

I received my swing yesterday.  It is absolutely beautiful. It is even better than I could have ever imagined.  I love it.  We have already applied one coat of stain.  It is built so nicely.  I have seen so many swings for 3 and 4 hundred dollars.  I could have never gotten such good quality and such a cute design for this price anywhere.  I will be telling everyone, and maybe I can get you some more business. If you speak with the people that make these, please tell them how happy I am and what good work they do.
Thank you so much,

Jamie - Georgia

Thank you so very much for the Mission Oak glider! Everything arrived just as promised. The workmanship and quality of materials made assembling the glider very easy.  We know that it will provide many years of "gliding" pleasure.

Carole - California

I received my saddle stand yesterday and must say I am pleased with the quality of workmanship. A very simple and sturdy design. The white oak has a fairly good grain and should look great with some fine sanding and deep stain. I suspect it will last several generations.

Thomas - Michigan

Opened the box and fell in love with the swing! We would like to order the 5' size, thanks again. Will tell everyone about the great swing!  It is wonderful and you have been great

Colette - Minnesota

I received the swing last week and everything looks wonderful! I will be sure to look at your other items as I need them. Thanks again for working with me to make the transaction a success!

Dennis - Minnesota

Thank you very much! This will be a wonderful addition to their new home. I am pleased that I'll be able to trace the package once it has shipped. I will look forward to hearing from you then.

Leanne - Oregon

I wanted to let you know the glider arrived as scheduled. I did not open the box when it arrived, I simply wrapped it in Christmas wrapping (I had to leave it out in the garage because it was so big!). My wife Sue opened the glider on Christmas morning AND FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!! 
We put it together and it now sits on our back porch for all to use! We love the glider. It is beautiful! It is very well made! Thank you for helping me find the perfect Christmas Gift this year!!!
Thanks again,
Phil - Washington

I just want to tell you how much we appreciate our new patio furniture. IT IS WONDERFULLY BEAUTIFUL AND WE REALLY DO LOVE IT!!!!!!  Please pass  the word along to the makers of this lovely wood working.  We are telling everyone where we got it and are in hopes you will get more orders.  We had no trouble assembling the chair or table and were really shocked when the glider ottoman came all assembled.  Thanks again ever so much.   MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND THE BEST OF NEW YEARS

Dorothy & Bill - Virginia

I love the swing. My husband thinks I'm glued to it.

Shannon - Arizona

Hello.  We received the glider and I have to's beautiful.  We stained it last night and it is gorgeous.  We are very pleased ...

Pam - Florida

I recently purchased, and subsequently received today, an Amish Suet Feeder. I want to compliment you on the quality of the product and the expediency of shipping. Thank you, very much!!!

Jim - Maryland

You are awesome! You answered all of my questions very thoroughly and promptly. Thank you very much!

Karin - Idaho

Just wanted to let you know we received the cuddle glider. It is truly a beautiful glider!

Joan - New York

Thank you Carrie for the info. I will be looking forward to it getting here. I just want to say that the chairs I bought earlier are wonderful. We are getting a lot of use of them on the deck.

Den - California

I got my glider and I love it! Thanks.

Marjorie - California

Carrie, Thanks for the note.  You get an A+ in letting me know my order was received and now a nice message that my order is in transit.

Bill - Maryland